This blog is written by me, Amelia, a childless young woman with an obsession for birth. I have a passion for helping women empower themselves with knowledge and make the right decisions for them and their baby.

As I write this I’m a few months away from becoming a student midwife. The journey toward getting my place was the conception (see what I did there) of this project. I found myself reading. A lot. Listening to podcasts and watching news¬†stories. A lot. ¬†I loved what I learned but I noticed a gap, every book, article and even podcast was biased. I suffered through formula shaming natural birth propaganda as well as pharmaceutically sponsored obstetrician written medicalised scaremongering. I soon realised that there was no one source of information that truly represented both sides of every argument. No one source that was referenced fully using good quality research. And so that’s my aim with this project, to provide pregnant women, their families, friends and care providers with honest and reliable information upon which to make informed decisions.

Get birthucated.