My Top 5 Pregnancy Resources

Reading books, blogs and listening to podcasts is what got me started on this blog. Trying to learn as much as I could for my university interviews ended up in me being absorbed by the birthy world!

I developed a love for natural birth and so many of the resources I’ve used do promote ( and some even attempt to enforce) the all natural approach. Of course, I try my best to make Birthucation as unbiased as possible so I’m giving the pros and cons of each resource!

Let’s get started…

#1 Do chocolate lovers have sweeter babies? By Jena Pincott

81+R8UDLQHL This was actually one of the first books I read! It’s full of quirky questions and answers not found in your typical maternity book. With a mixture of cutting edge biology and psychology, Jena draws on concepts such as the epigenetic effects of diet and learning in the womb.


  • The book is super lighthearted and funny, making it an enjoyable read compared to other science-based maternity books.
  • There is no birth-bias at all, Jena delivers the facts and the facts only. Whether you’re a  hospital birth with epidural kinda Mama or you’re all up for essential oils and a homebirth I guarantee you won’t feel pressured or judged to change your choices.


  • If I’m honest I felt lucky to have a biology A Level under my belt reading this. I can imagine some may struggle to understand everything with little to no scientific knowledge. However, if you’re happy to do your own research to keep up you can learn a lot about your body and your baby.

#2 Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering By Sarah J Buckley


Sarah J Buckley, MD is one of the most highly respected advocates in the natural birth community. Her book is a lengthy, fully referenced read that takes you all the way from conception to your baby’s early months. It contains a lovely mix of scientific information, opinion, and gorgeous birth stories!


  • The perfect book for the all natural Mama, reading this book will definitely make you more confident in your natural birth, pregnancy and baby choices and maybe introduce you to new concepts!
  • It’s a petty thing but this book is LOVELY quality I loved the bright white crispy pages (I’m such a book nerd).


  • Okay, I have checked up on some of the references and they don’t always add up with her points sometimes contradicting them entirely. If you do let this book influence your choices please do your own research (I recommend Google Scholar).
  • This book definitely fits the ‘enforced natural birth’ criteria meaning it may make you feel a little uncomfortable if that’s not the kind of birth you’re planning or if you’ve had a hospital birth in the past.

#3 The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding By La Leche League


I admit this one isn’t strictly pregnancy or birth related! But I had to recommend it because I love it so much. This is the boob encyclopedia, the milktionary. If you’re breastfeeding or still deciding on how to feed your baby get this book! There are very few breastfeeding problems that it doesnt cover.


  • La Leche League has been supporting breastfeeding women for over 60 years. They know what they’re talking about! Because of the massive amount of experience they have their advice isn’t based simply on anecdote.


  • I actually don’t have any criticisms at all for this book but of course, I haven’t used it for anything other than learning about breastfeeding. If you have any experience good or bad please get in touch!

#4 The Birth, Baby, and Life Podcast and Blog By Kristen Burgess


Kristen is based in the US but I think her natural birth advice and information is definitely useful to Mamas everywhere! If you have a topic or question you can bet Kristen has written or talked about it. I learned a lot of what I know from her by researching the topics she brings up. She has her eighth baby on the way right now so is surrounded by knowledge and experience!


  • Podcasts are the perfect way to learn around a busy lifestyle. Each of Kristen’s podcasts is around 30 minutes long (although she often goes over!)
  • If you’re planning a homebirth her birth stories will definitely give you so much confidence in your body’s ability to do this!


  • Kristen is a big advocate for natural birth, she’s had all her babies at home, if that’s not your cup of tea that’s okay! You may still find her pregnancy podcasts helpful.

#5 Facebook Groups

Facebook_logo_(square) No matter what your birth and pregnancy preferences are, you are sure to find a facebook group with like-minded people. This is a great way to make friends either with other pregnant ladies in your area or people around the world experiencing the same things as you in a due date group.


  • It might seem like a silly thing to say but please remember anecdote is never the same as evidence. Always do your own research, people can give you great advice and support but it’s your responsibility to check everything they say!

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